Monday, March 28, 2011

Isn't Time to Finally Get Your Life Back?

Isn't it time to finally get your life back? So many people we see during health fairs or races will come over and ask questions about bunions... what's bunion surgery recovery like? Will it hurt? Will I be out of work for 3 months? Can I drive? and so on. We have to first start by telling these people to completely forget about what they "have heard" about bunion surgery. It's not the same surgery their aunt had 20 years ago. It's not even the same bunion surgery Jane Smith had from down the street. Your situation will be completely different and unique to your feet. Again, this is why we stress the importance of taking care of your bunions early before they get worse!

In addition, patients need to factor in their quality of life when deciding on when and where or IF to have bunion surgery. Are you active? Do your bunions hurt? Have you tried conservative measures first? These are some very important questions to ask yourself when considering bunion surgery.

We have some many ecstatic patients that are so happy, relieved, thankful, excited about their bunion surgery and the results...the painfree results! They are able to be active- run, walk, jog, they can play with their children or grandchildren, they can walk around the mall for hours PAINFREE! We have so many happy bunion surgery patients, to learn more about their experiences click here:

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