Wednesday, March 23, 2011

33% of People Suffer With Bunion Pain! You Do Not Have to be One of Them.

Got a bunion? If yes, you may also have poorer mental and physical functioning! A study published in Arthritis Care and Research found bunions to not only cause foot pain, but also significantly affect a person’s quality of life.

Bunions are bumps on the side of the big toe. The big toe deviates towards the lesser toes and a boney prominence will form at the big toe joint. This is typically caused by a biomechanical dysfunction. There seems to be a genetic link and improper shoes are believed to increase or worsen the deformity. It is a common deformity that becomes more prevalent as we age. About 28% of persons in their 50’s report suffering from bunions and nearly 56% of those over 80 are besieged by bunions Not only are these individuals complaining of foot pain, but they also were struggling with hip, knee, and back pain. Over all, studies report people with bunions report poorer mental and physical function than those without bunions!

Is there an easy fix to bunion pain? You should always start conservatively. Unfortunately, some shoes are uncomfortable and should be avoided. Wide toe boxes to give your bunion more room will help decrease pain. Custom made orthotics will help treat the biomechanical imbalance that causes the bunion. Other padding and bracing techniques may also be applied by your podiatrist.

Conservative treatment failed? Surgical correction of a bunion is a common procedure that offers reliable results. There are a number of different procedures that can be done to correct a patient’s specific deformity. Most surgical techniques involve cutting the bone, removing the bump, and sliding the bone back into a better position. Depending on the particular procedure the patient may be able to weight bear immediately or be non-weight bearing for up to 6-8 weeks.

Scared of surgery? I have many patients who want to jump into surgery immediately, and I have just as many patients who want to avoid surgery at all cost. Taking into account your lifestyle, age, and other medical conditions; you and your doctor will decide if surgery is right for you. Surgery is not something to rush into but also not something to run away from mealy because surgery sounds scary. The purpose of bunion surgery is to relieve pain and improve your quality of life. Though the procedure may slow you down for several weeks, the long term results of bunion surgery can greatly improve your everyday lifestyle.

You do not have to suffer with bunion pain and bunion surgery is not painful. Don’t wait until it gets too severe. See what some people have said about their bunion surgery. Go to

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