Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Victoria Beckham needs Urgent Surgery on Feet!

Scholl has recently released a survey conducted on Great Britain and the nation’s feet. When asked who had the worst feet, the nation spoke loud and clear. 71% of people polled voted Victoria Beckham to have the worst feet in the nation. 67% even thought that Posh should have urgent surgery to address her bunions!

Despite the strong support for Victoria Beckham to undergo surgery, many Britain’s admit to fear of foot surgery. 76% stated they would fear a bunion surgery due to the possible disruption in their daily activities. Such fears included, inability to drive, weight gain, and inability to wear high heels. It sounds like no one wants to look at an ugly foot, but no one wants to fix their own feet either!

Foot surgery can slow you down, but not all procedures will leave you on crutches. Many are suppressed to hear that you can walk out of the hospital on the same day of surgery in just a surgical shoe. You may need crutches to help you balance but you can get around just fine. You will however need to slow down, elevate and rest your foot as much as possible. Swelling is always a problem and the best combat is rest and elevation.

Some surgeries will keep you off of your foot. Depending on the procedure that is right for you and your foot, determines what your post-operative experience will include. The question you have to ask is what is this worth to you? Are you in pain on a daily basis? Are you embarrassed to wear sandals? Are your feet restricting you from wearing your favorite shoes of special occasions? Most can return to all of their daily activities within two to three months of foot surgery.
There is no doubt we are crazy when it comes to feet. We go to extremes to wear our favorite shoes and to avoid surgery. Almost half of women admit to carrying an extra pair of comfortable shoes. I have witnessed a shoe switch in a bar! With the stylish big bags, women are free to carry multiple shoes to switch out throughout their day or night. One in five Brits have from one to five pairs of shoes stored under their office desk.

Is America far from the Britain? Probably not. I have heard every excuse from men and women why they cannot have surgery or why they need to wear impractical shoes. Maybe it is human nature to ignore the feet or to put foot fashion before pain? We obviously recognize the ugliness and the discomfort! We demand Posh to get surgery and we carry around a closet of shoes with us? Maybe the feet are too far from the brain for logic!

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