Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pain Free Bunion Surgery

People constantly say bunion surgery is painful. This is not the case. Most bunions are easily corrected and patients can immediately ambulate the day after surgery. Using proper surgical techniques, the doctors at Family Foot & Ankle Specialists in Central NJ can get patients out of pain from their bunions almost immediately.

After bunion surgery, you will be in a walking boot anywhere from 2-4 weeks. Most bunions do not require a cast after surgery. The surgery is done outpatient and takes about an hour to do. It is performed under twilight anesthesia, which is sedation and then a local is given. The patient does not feel anything during the surgery and most people only need a couple of pain pills to keep them comfortable. The main problem is not correcting the bunion. Bunions cause excessive pressure along the joint which can lead to arthritis. This will alter one's gait pattern, thus causing pain in major joints like the knee, hip or lower back.

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